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香港文革(第4天): 洗脑 Hongkong Cultural Rev (Day 4): Brainwash

Updated: Jun 13, 2023




問題是最近有反革命勢力企圖把民主的利弊介紹給學生。這還不是混淆視聽是甚麼?民主 “有利無弊” 不容爭辯,正如聖經說上帝幾千年前花了六天時間造宇宙一樣,都是真理,都是我們擁護的教材。對民主的絕對性有懷疑是謬論,是洗腦!也是反洗腦! 虽然从生物学的角度去看,没脑的人应该不怕被洗脑,但這是原則问题,我們绝对不能讓步!



Dear Comrades,

Our revolution is propelled from two bastions: Education and Mass Media. Let’s only look at education today. We have made impressive progress in this area. Most of our students worship a makeshift replica of a mainland knockoff of the Statue of Liberty. Few dare to speak independently on campus these days, even fewer think for themselves. This is good - entirely in accordance with HK’s academic tradition and recently sprung up Core Values.

But lately, counterrevolutionary forces are trying to sneak alternative views into textbooks, suggesting pros and cons in an electoral democracy, inviting the students to think! This is blatant propaganda! The goodness of democracy, like the Genesis, is absolute, beyond analysis. That’s why we allow the Bible to be taught in schools. To question the unquestionable merits of democracy is blasphemy. It’s brainwashing and anti-brainwashing! Although someone has assured us that in attempting to brainwash the brainless, they are wasting their time but, comrades, just in case,

we CANNOT compromise on this one!

Vive la revolution!

Teaching students the pros and cons of democracy undermines our Revolution. It’s brainwashing and anti-brainwashing. Must be brought down anyways!

Down with brainwashing students with many ideas! Focus on learning Democracy the loudest way!


Guo Du 16.07.2012

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