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香港文革 (第5天): 自由传媒!Hongkong Cultural Rev (Day 5): Free Press

Updated: Jun 13, 2023







Dear Comrades,

I’m particularly joyous today because I’m going to talk about the mass media in Hong Kong. In this area, we enjoy resounding success. In the newsstands, TV, radio, there’s practically only ONE voice left — the loud and virtuous voice of freedom and democracy! All undemocratic hogwash have effectively been drowned out. Remember the Poster a couple of days ago? Small Brain no problem. Big voice makes OK. The mass media has refined this to perfection. We should all learn from their example.

BUT comrades! Don’t lower your guard! We must continue to fight, to safeguard Freedom of the Press and keep dissenting views out. They are propaganda or the result of self-censorship, threatening to undermine freedom and openness. Please remain alert.

Vive la revolution!

Fight for Freedom of the Press! Against Self Censorship! Down with all other voices!

HK mouth water can offend well water, river water and tap water; but not ocean water. This is knowing your place; very good.

(n.b.:Now, I'll try. "Mouth Water" is saliva, a Cantonese metaphor for "yapping or claptrap". Someone full of shit has lots of mouth water. A Chinese PM once used an old aphorism "river water don't transgress well water" (but reversing the flow to gently remind us of size relativity) to tell HK people to go mind their own business. HK depends on the mainland for tap water, a fact that many take for granted as usual. Ocean water is connected overseas. HK media is somehow dubiously forgiving with blatant human right abuses by countries over the ocean, but not quite so indulgent with China. However, if this still doesn't make sense to you, forget it. Just read the English word there: GOOD!!)


Guo Du 15.07.2012

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