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香港文革 (第一天):宣言 Hongkong Cultural Rev (Day 1): Declaration

Updated: Jun 13, 2023



A Democratic Cultural Revolution is happening in Hong Kong. What have I contributed? I asked myself. The question tortured my conscience. I tossed and turned all afternoon. For the first time in years, I did not nap well.

A revolution needs everyone’s participation. A proper cultural revolution also needs Big Character Posters and strategic sayings. That’s right! From today on, I’d organise my vision into Big Character Posters — in blood stirring slogans and tactical directives. I’d post them at home and on this blog every day in the coming week to help promote a historic moment of my great home town!

Note: Archaic Chinese and HK standard English are used here to ensure effective communication with my comrades.

Steaming Hot and Vigorous Congratulations to the Victorious Blossoming of Hong Kong’s Democratic Cultural Revolution!

Being reasonable is the elitist game of a handful. It has no democratic support and can be pooh-poohed.


Guo Du 19.07.2012

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