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香港文革(第3天):无知万岁 Hongkong Cultural Rev (Day 3): Long Live Ignorance


Dear Comrades,

In the old days, ignorance was involuntary, but a bliss.

In today’s Hong Kong, ignorance is voluntary, a privilege, as inalienable a human right to us as hand held video games. But we are less happy. Why? I’d give you the same answer for any of your ten thousand woes:

Because we have no democracy!

Right? RIGHT! Right right? RIGHT RIGHT!

Elsewhere, ignorance has become an unstoppable global political power, creating not only bliss, but self-righteous delusions.

If they can do it, we can do it!

Vive la revolution!









Long Live the Greatestestestestest Unity of the Ignorant Class!

Don’t be ashamed of ignorance. Be brave and uncompromising! Keep believing we’re right and make our own truth!

Small brain no problem. Big Voice makes OK. Must practice and train plenty.


Link to Day 4 鏈接到第四天 Brainwash 洗脑 革命終結篇 Final Declaration 革命宣言第一天 Day One - Declaration

Guo Du 17.07.2012

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