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香港文革(第6天): 检控斗争 Hongkong Cultural Rev (Day 6) Persecute!

Updated: Jun 13, 2023







Dear Comrades,

A revolution is toothless without some means to persecute. For the time being, we use the ICAC and judiciary review to that effect. But they are not dependable in the long run. We will need our own Rat Centre and the power to conduct democratic public trials to maintain momentum in the reporting of despicable neighbours, loathsome bosses, threatening competitors and sarcastic anti-revolutionaries. Let’s unfurl their dirty laundry regardless of size. Nothing is too trivial: the tiniest skid mark on a pair of old briefs is prime time news in this town, and can help to bring down an important enemy!

Comrades, tomorrow will be the last day of our revolution. I will make an important declaration.

Until then, Vive la revolution!

Do not underestimate the Big Big power of claptrap and nitpicking. Use them well to destroy the enemy.

In the long run, we need a Rat Centre directly controlled by us to process anonymous reporting and democratic Trial by the Masses. The ICAC is not a long term solution.


Link to Day 7 鏈接到第七天 Conclusion 革命终结篇 革命宣言第一天 Day One - Declaration

Guo Du 14.07.2012

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