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  • James Tam

In the Midst of World War III

Most people are unaware that we are in the midst of World War III, as the antagonists have not yet exchanged supersonic missiles. That will come if we continue to blithely ignore the naked aggressions of imperial psychopaths — so-called elites (I never understood the term) . Like Batman villains, they’re fanatics obsessed with ruling the world.

Modern hybrid warfares are ubiquitous, amorphous, and indiscriminate, creating victims everywhere. The aggressors’ singular objective is to protect and advance the greedy interests and psychotic ambitions of a narrow ruling class. To imperial commanders, their domestic subjects are just as disposable as the international enemies they’ve created. They are true globalists in this sense. That’s why their priority tactic is demonisation, and division at home and abroad.

America is carved up by design along racial, religious, gender, economic and political divides. Blacks, whites, the super-rich, the ultra-poor, Christians, Muslims, heterosexuals, homosexuals, Democrats, Republicans, evolutionists, creationists, pro-lifers, abortionists, all have conflicting agenda, and often despise each other. Even mask wearing is highly contentious. This way, they will never gang up on their common enemy — their ostensibly democratic masters who have been well schooled in the old trick of divide-and-rule.

To hold this fragmented population together so they can continue to perform imperial tasks, external enemies are needed, hence the perpetual wars and insane demonisation campaigns. Russia, China, Iran, North Korea have become permanent members of the Demon Club, projecting big and ominous phantom threats to the enslaved world. Nearly everyone else on Earth had been a target at one time or another, until successfully subjugated and propelled onto the imperial orbit.

The stubborn independence and demonstrable results of the Permanent Demons, particularly China and Russia, have provoked imperial ire, hence the intensifying hybrid invasion, using every machination they know well: propaganda, finance/currency, geo-politics, colour-revolutions, technology, trade, bio/pandemic, etc. The list is long, and there’s nothing that they wouldn’t do.

In this epic World War, the consequence is far more significant than previous conventional conflicts. To the active Resistance, it’s a matter of national independence and civilisational survival. To other mostly unwitting victims, being aware of the big picture and keeping themselves informed would be effectively neutralising the Empire’s number one controlling weapon — lies and deception. Without mass ignorance and prejudice, the Empire is not sustainable as is. With America recaptured by its people, there would be fewer wars and human tragedies perpetrated in the name of freedom, democracy and other hypocrisies. It may even be the dawning of a more enlightened age. It’s always good to keep up hope in the time of war.

James Tam 16.4.2021

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