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Impressions from Iran (4) — Poets and Heroes 伊朗印象(4)- 诗人与英雄

Updated: Oct 24, 2022

Reading Hafez's love poems in his mausoleum 在哈菲兹的陵园里朗诵他的情诗

Persia’s Achaemenid Empire once kinda stretched from Turkey in the west to Pakistan in the East. Its founder Cyrus the Great (circa 600 to 530 BCE), and legendary capital Persepolis (eventually razed by Alexander the Pyromaniac) may evoke a glorious past, but are no match for Hafez and Saadi in capturing the soul and passion of Iran. Few other people revere their poets like Iranians do. The mausoleum of Hafez is still packed with admirers after more than 600 years. They seek solace from his philosophical love poems, even use them as soothsayings to calm the mind and heart. Saadi Shirazi who lived a century before Hafez is similarly remembered.

大约两千五百年前,波斯的阿契美尼德王朝疆域辽阔,西包土耳其,东含巴基斯坦。王朝的缔造者居鲁士大帝,和被希腊纵火狂阿历山大烧毁的著名古都 Persepolis,虽然标志着古波斯帝国的文明和强大,但对伊朗人来说,魅力还不及哈菲兹和萨迪。看来没有一个民族比伊朗人更爱慕伟大的诗人。六百多年来,伊朗人到哈菲兹的陵园凭吊,冥想,找寻灵性,修补创伤,络绎不绝。他充满哲理的情诗,甚至被用来占卦。

The ruins of Persepolis, capital of the largest empire 2500 years ago 2500年前世上最强大繁荣的古都 Persepolis

Right after the Islamic Revolution in 1979, Saddam Hussein executed a proxy war against Iran, resulting in enormous casualties. The faces of the young men who died for their country are still highly visible in the main streets of many towns and cities. It’s a poignant contrast with others who sneak youthful corpses home in black body bags and high secrecy, but equally heartbreaking.


Tributes came to Persia from far and wide 来自东西域各国的进贡

Hanging on in Persepolis 在 Persepolis 的边缘

Remembering Poet Hafez, still 六百多年后,仍然怀念诗人哈菲兹

Reading Hafez's love poems in his mausoleum 在哈菲兹的陵园里朗诵他的情诗

Fallen Heroes are not forgotten 仍然活在人民心中的英雄

Off-duty soldiers chatting with tourists in the park 在公园与游客闲聊的休班战士

A friendly cop. He won't last more than an hour in Miami 友善的武警。在美国的大城市可能活不了多久

Remember Ayatollah Khomeini? If you do, you might have also danced to the stupid tune of YMCA the year he changed Iran 记得霍梅尼吗?有印象的话,你也不年轻了。在霍梅尼搞成革命那年,你也曾跟随着YMCA的简单节奏手舞足蹈吗?

All that's left of a hero from a distant past at the Sialkot Archeological Site 在 Sialkot 考古场内一个远古英雄所剩下的所有

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