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  • James Tam 谭炳昌

Impressions from Iran (5) Final Episode: Iran! Iran! 伊朗印象(5)终结篇: 伊朗!伊朗!

Isfahan Square 伊斯法罕的广场

Two weeks in Iran showed me the extent to which a country can be savagely demonised by the corporate free press. I was surprised by the contrast between what I saw, and what’s commonly portrayed in TV and newspapers. I hope my pictures have said at least a few words.


Iranians are by far the friendliest and warmest people I’ve met, with a spirit that defies sanction. That said, the ancient civilisation does face considerable internal dilemma and external challenges, threatening her olde worlde charm with polarising tensions.


The wonderful dishes of Southern Iran can be a bit repetitious though:

lamb & chicken & lamb & chicken & lamb kebabs, with grilled fish, uh, as fresh as it comes in a desert 南伊朗的佳肴倒有点儿单调:羊鸡羊鸡羊羊鸡 间中也可以来条烧鱼,不过在沙漠吃鱼,还是不要太挑剔好

Under the "bridge over dried up river" in Isfahan 伊斯法罕干枯了的河床上的旧桥风貌

Like most old countries, Iran’s most impressive asset and potential lie in her history and people (and oil, in her case). Persia’s long history has a strong religious DNA though, more recently (for the past ten centuries) dominated by Islam. Is a strict theocracy a viable option in the 21st Century? Should religious authority yield ground for an Islamic Republic with Iranian characteristics? These are pressing and critical questions that only Iranians can answer.


Woman paying respect at the tomb of Cyrus the Great 游人在居鲁士大帝的坟前默祷

This cypress is one of the oldest trees on earth, estimated to be more than 4000 years old 这柏树是世上最老的树之一,有四千多岁了

If Allah and Satan would loosen their grips, I’m optimistic that the long-term future of Iran is augured by the bright smiles and warm hearts of her people. I wish them all the best.


The root of all troubles 一切烦恼的根源 Building 建设

Tomorrow 明天

Islamic Republic with Iranian characteristics? 有伊朗特色的伊斯兰国家?

Peace! 和平!

End of Impressions from Iran series 伊朗印象篇 就此完结


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