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  • James Tam 谭炳昌

Beautiful North (3) - Finland Special Lights 美丽北国(3)-芬兰之光

Long time no see Finland. I saw light everywhere, gleaming, glinting, blazing, more dramatic than before, enchanting as usual. And thank you for the rainbow. . .


Did I say "Let there be light"? 是我说“要有光”的吗?

Anyways, and there was light! 是谁说的也好,反正光是有了!

setting the clouds ablaze. . . 红透了半边天。 。 。

The sun and moon, overlapping in long summer shifts 在长长的夏日,太阳与月亮经常同时出现,各据一方

Forging, golden pine and silver birch 孕育金树银桦

Amber twilight 琥珀黄昏

Midnight sun, reluctant to go 子夜将至,落日依依

Moon outshining the redundant lighthouse (around 1:30 a.m.!) 深夜月光,在幽蓝的天边照着休假中的灯塔 (大概深夜1点半)

Perfect stillness, harmony 平静和谐 水天一色

Broken by precipitous tempest 瞬间波谲云诡

Frothing, turning, testing. . . 处处波澜白浪 考验能耐。。。

A rainbow, finally, opening a new story. . . 美丽得不真实的彩虹,令人再次相信神话。。。

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