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I wrote about the war crime of dropping depleted uranium bombs in Iraq ten years ago at the Guo Du Blog. Unbelievably, the UK is again threatening to dump this despicable weapon onto Ukraine. 3.2023

Original Post from March 2013:

The following report from Aljazeera (warning: contains disturbing graphics and disgusting content) offers a glimpse of one of the most blatant and evil war crimes in human history:

Here's a more updated analysis on the use of Depleted Uranium:

Meanwhile, the war criminals lecture to a prodigiously stupid world about human rights, democracy, freedom, and . . . oh well, basically everything about their morality, such as free trade, fiscal policy, and banking principles. Surreal?

I have a few stupid questions myself:

What have the Iraqis done to deserve this? Even a tiny fraction of this (assuming all news reports are exaggerated, though the figures reported here are most likely an underestimation by about half)? Is it Weapon of Mass Destruction? Not being involved in the unspeakable terrorism behind the 911 controlled demolition?

Aiya, I’m so annoying. Just a misunderstanding okay? Big deal!

Perhaps the addled Human Rights Champions who zapped Iraqis of all ages and gender with depleted uranium munitions by mistake would at least say sorry? (BTW, have you read my super-short story APOLOGY? What a joke!) Hmm, if little Japan is not applogising for slaughtering more than 20 million, is Big USA going to express regrets over a mere million? And Iraqis? That doesn’t sound reasonable does it? Lest anyone doubt American resolve, the US Government refuses to even disclose details of their massive bombing campaigns, making clean-up attempts near impossible.

What about the heartless apologists for the war criminals? They voted them into office, and continue to defend their atrocious policy even with hindsight. Do they have Iraqi (forget Afghan and Libya and . . .) blood on their hands?

I know many informed Americans are just as disgusted about this as anyone else; but they are the minority, and are powerless, as is increasingly the case in democracies. Would it be more conscientious for them to actively refuse partaking in election charades in the future, endorsing one of two effectively identical puppets with separate voice boxes? Should they refrain from reflexively echoing the sales speeches of Democracy from now on?

Original 活冤魂 on Guo Du

Guo Du 14.4.2013

There are plenty of updates on the Depleted Uranium weapons the UK will send to Urkaine. As expected, the mainstream Western "reports" contrive to justify. I've picked an Aljazeera report for consistency:

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