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Manufacturing Demons

Demonisation of adversaries and dissidents, a favourite device of the Anglo Empire, has been developed and overused to absurd levels by the American Empire. The world needs to better understand how it works.

Remember Slobodan Milosevic of former Yugoslavia? Hardly anyone does. According to the IPC — Imperial Press Corp, aka Mainstream Media — and “Human Rights” NGOs, he was the “Butcher of Balkans”, the most talented monster after Fuehrer Hitler, an ardent ethnic cleanser and, of course, a rapist whenever he took breaks from murdering innocent women and children — Muslims, as usual. He was imprisoned in 2001, when the breaking up of Yugoslavia had been set in motion, and the potential emergence of a sizeable and independent-thinking European nation aborted.

In 2007, the president of the International Court of Justice stated that it was “conclusively proved” that Milosevic was “fully aware ... that massacres were likely to occur”. In 2010, the Life Magazine included him in its list of “The World's Worst Dictators”.

Surprisingly, eleven years after Milosevic’s suspicious death in a Dutch prison in 2006, the International Criminal Tribunal in The Hague quietly acknowledged his innocence [Link].

The reversal was indeed astonishing. The Empire never bothers to clear the names of dead victims. But the spectacular “atrocities” of which Milosevic was emphatically accused by the entire Western World simply never happened [Link] and were no doubt causing inconvenience in even semi-fictitious history books.

One would think his posthumous exoneration would have been big news, right?

No, the IPC was silent. It was busy with a backlog of other demons. Let Milosevic be forgotten. Hush.

Iraq’s weapon of mass destruction was about to end the world. None found. So what? The country was successfully destroyed, “monster” Saddam murdered by much bigger monsters. Mission accomplished. The “free press” applauded. May Saddam’s ghost remain unrested, and take revenge. Meanwhile, demons demons everywhere: Libya, Syria, Afghanistan, Venezuela, Ukraine, North Korea, Bolivia, Iran, etc. etc., and, ladies and gentlemen, Russia and China!

The 21st Century IPC has a lot of blood on its keyboard. I cannot recall a single American war — and there has been numerous — that the New York Times did not cheer. If I’ve missed an exceptional case, please let me know. The IPC’s specious ideologies, dubious morality, fallacious double-standards, racism behind neo-liberal masks, contorted interpretations and outright fabrications have directly or indirectly sowed discords where there were none, divided communities, promoted prejudice, hatred, and mass stupidity, resulting in tragic conflicts, even the deaths of millions.

The toxic effects of the IPC’s lies in the hearts and psyches of people last much longer than the stench of Nazi gas chambers. Yet this heinous crime against humanity has been largely muzzled because the perpetrator is the machinery which crafts and control social narratives.

Demonising China is nothing new, but the tactics have evolved since the days of Fu Man Chu and the Yellow Peril. Their 21st century ploy is just as simple and groundless, but more devious and audacious.

Repeat, repeat, and repeat through the IPC and its local fake press lackeys, and a monster is created out of thin air.

Hong Kong has been a most intriguing case study in mass insanity.

In the recent riots, many believe that hundreds, even up to three thousand (the most I’ve personally heard) have been killed by the police at the Prince Edward Metro Station. According to Black Shirt Jihadists, the victims have been disposed of like garbage, and their families silenced, then chucked away. It’s a chain holocaust which will eventually depopulate Hong Kong. The Hong Kong police, one of the most gentle and restrained in the world, has overnight become known for brutality, murder, and, of course, the Empire’s favourite: gang rapes.

Ludicrous? Outrageously so. Don’t think that anyone would buy such ridiculous BS? Thinking won’t give you the right answer. As smart-phones shrink memory spans, ludicrous accusations can be as farfetched and surreal as the imagination takes. Logic is obsolete. Critical thinking just means being rabidly critical in everything one thinks.

Homo sapiens are on average not nearly as intelligent as we fantasise.

A demonising campaign does not require conscious participation either. A stupendous majority of accomplices have no idea about their involvement, just like most crusaders had not an inkling why they marched and killed, dragging wooden crosses over continents. Once a lie has gained traction, huge swarms of uninformed bozos addicted to wholesale-virtue signalling will adopt the mantra and take up arms.

As Hong Kong’s dementia deepens, wet-dream revolutionaries raise fists with a straight face to “defend free press” in a place where they cannot even cite one credible incident of press suppression, not after 1997 anyways. On the streets, nascent terrorists riot for “freedom” in one of the freest communities on earth [Link to Human Freedom Index]. When enough bottom zombies have been aroused, the government and police suddenly find themselves busy fending off phantom charges which should have been dismissed as lunacy. False Equivalency then kicks in.

What’s Hong Kong style False Equivalency?

When approximately two hundred thirty thousand protesters [Link to Reuters methodology] marched, the organiser claimed a million, or two. These absurd numbers quickly became reality all over the ICP, disregarding the simple fact that a crowd that size will have to creep — groin to bum, shoulder to shoulder — all the way around Hong Kong Island more than once. When confronted by established methodologies and mathematics, a “sensibly neutral” Hong Kong person will say “Okay, let’s not argue, and meet halfway at one million then.”

Sensible? A Parallel Universe was constructed, brick by brick, before our eyes.

A similar design is being used to create the Xinjiang “Guantanamo Bay” story. Before dissecting the ploy, I have a little fable to tell.

Me and my gang of thugs and paedophiles vehemently accuse you of child abuse.

What?! You say, rolling your eyes, then walk away. But we are loud and persistent. Your silence begins to look like guilt. Eventually, you get the doorman and domestic helper and a few neighbours who know you and your children to testify.

“Ha,” I say, “They don’t count. They know you! They’re your friends and employees and neighbours. Plus they’re poor, uneducated, and brown. If you want me to believe you, let my doctor examine your kids.”

What?! You’re dumbfounded. “Your doctor? And who else but those who know me should bear witness? Wait a minute, why do I need to defend myself anyways? I don’t owe you any explanation. And you guys are a bunch of thugs and paedophiles!”

“So we are,” I can’t deny that. “But two wrongs don’t make one right. Let’s not digress, and focus on your crime. The fact that we torture children doesn’t mean you should. Right?”

Once again, you scream what?! in exasperation, and explain that the harshest you’ve ever treated your children is a spank to make them study.

“Now now now, finally, a confession. A good start. Keep going.”

That’s how it works.

The IPC and lackeys are concentrating their firepower on Xinjiang, using the same template as the child abuse story above:

1) Gather the thugs: Accusations are made against China’s Xinjiang reeducation and de-radicalisation efforts by 23 countries, all part of the “Western alliance”. Many of them have a long history of proven deceit, false flag crimes, foreign invasions, genocides, Islamophobia, rendition to black cells, indefinite detention without trial, tortures, and subversions. Most of them are accomplices in the framing and murdering of Milosevic, Saddam, Gaddafi, and many others.

2) Force the target to respond: China eventually invited international scrutiny and support. Fifty-four countries wrote to the UN Human Rights Commission to endorse China’s re-education practice [Link to Bloombery Article].

But ha, they are just “doormen and helpers and neighbours”, not deemed “trustworthy” by imperial thugs who pretend (or actually believe) that they alone are the “international community”. Read the above Bloomberg report, and you’ll get a feel of what I mean. So what if those endorsing countries have MUCH more honest track records than the accusing gangsters. They don’t count, period. Plus two wrongs don’t make one right, remember?

But there hasn’t been “two wrongs”!

Aha, there is, read the newspapers.

That’s why it’s useful to own newspapers.

3) China explains they are education camps, many are in fact weekday camps: But who’s China? These clarifications are summarily dismissed by the Empire because, well, they are from the Chinese. Again, track record doesn’t mean a thing. Verifiable facts are old-fashioned in the post-truth era. By the way, where’s the list of graduates and where are the certificates if they are education camps? (This is a real question I’ve been asked.) Similarly, if China wants to prove that Fa Lun Gong’s organ harvest claims are a hoax, then produce a full list of organ transplant operations, complete with names and ID numbers of the original owners of the hearts and livers, for our examination.

I believe even Queen Victoria might have regarded the request inept, a bit arrogant perhaps.

Now, a conundrum: Why do they demonise China so vehemently? Besides venting traditional racism, what do they get out of it?

Demonisation is often the Empire’s preamble for invasion. But that’s not likely with China. If the intention is to destabilise the country, the chance of success is slim. What about discrediting China internationally through the horrifying Xinjiang story, thereby disrupting its Belt and Road Initiative? That’s definitely a goal, but a clear majority of the international community has given their verdicts. China’s approach of letting the truth and results speak slowly for themselves maybe old-fashioned and time-consuming, but still a viable and sensible option.

Could the demonising salvo be for internal consumption as well?

More and more imperial subjects are starting to wonder why the average Chinese’s life has improved remarkably, while his American counterpart, wallowing in freedom and capitalism, is worse off than twenty years ago. If they question further in this direction, they may discover that their “democratically elected” governments only serve the interests of the One Percent who probably never bother to vote. To avoid a revolution, the Empire needs to be able to say: “Look, China’s success comes with a huge humanitarian price tag. Be happy that you’re not Chinese. Just shut up and enjoy your freedom and democracy.”

If that’s the case, oh well, why not? Though irritating, the Empire’s clever lies have started to bite its own tail. The more it lies, the more it alienates the true international community (not the faltering Colonial Alumni), and causes its own people to misunderstand, misread, and misjudge others. That’s not necessarily a bad thing in the long run.

James Tam 2019.12.20

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