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  • James Tam

Ordinary Americans' Options

Ordinary Americans brought up to believe in “justice, freedom, democracy” have been watching their elected governments blatantly erode and betray each and every one of these noble principles. Sadly, there seems very little they can do besides voting. But by now, even the intellectually challenged and CNN intoxicated should realise that the ballot box is just an eeny-meeny-miny-moe democracy chimera designed to fool them, and to subvert others. Facing two surreally abominable candidates this year, some angry and helpless Americans talk about “revolution”. I hope they are only venting frustrations, for an armed insurrection against one of the most violent and powerful military regimes in human history is suicidal. A peaceful and passive revolution, however, is possible.

The military empire relies heavily on technology to maintain supremacy. Their murderous machine depends on brainpower to operate effectively. The 0.1% don’t even know how to manage their e-mails without help. If Americans with substance between their ears and a conscience in their heart refuse to serve the Military Industry Complex or Wall Street Banksters, at least not directly, then the regime’s ability to cause mayhem and destructions will drop rapidly. Well-educated or resourceful young Americans should be able to find meaningful employment elsewhere. America’s economy, though sick, is sizeable. It may actually revive if the war machine is stalled. Those who are mobile and versatile can also move overseas to experience the world, and to avoid staining their voting hands with innocent blood. The poor generally have less options by design. But they can refuse to join the military (at least before conscription is brought back) as cannon fodder. Bank robbery is a relatively safer and morally upright occupation comparing with the imperial army. Since 1999, an average of 22 veterans commit suicide per day. More American soldiers have killed themselves than died in combat. The psychological enormity of mass murdering innocent strangers is haunting. In return for doing the dirty work and carrying the guilt of the 0.1%, the poor kids can hardly afford the gasoline they had robbed on behalf of monsters represented by the likes of Bush, Clinton (I and II), Obama, and Trump… If passive defiance is achieved on a sufficiently large scale, the regime will falter, creating opportunities for real change. That’d be good news for Joe Blow American, and the bullied and threatened world.

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