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Movie Review: September 11, the New Pearl Harbour

September 11, the New Pearl Harbor, a five-hour documentary by Massimo

Mazzucco, surprises even a reasonably informed “Conspiracy Theorist” like

myself. It's an eye-opening tour of the glaringly questionable tragedy.

Mazzucco packs a prodigious amount of irrefutable information into three

DVDs without sacrificing clarity, objectivity, or “entertainment values”.

Issues are explained in lay terms before queries are raised. Prominent

Debunkers — defenders of the official story — then answer or “debunk”

these queries. The audience is left to make his own judgement.

We all like to bemoan mass ignorance, though wholesale stupidity isn’t necessarily bad from a selfish standpoint. It makes life easier in a hyper-competitive world.

There are exceptions though. Witnessing the mass gullibility surrounding 911 is unsettling and ominous, like being locked up with a roomful of blind and gung-ho idiots. 911 is a blatant atrocity of historic proportion and consequence, but ironically also the most clearly documented to those who care to look. Yet few would bother. Is it in fact collective connivance rather than mass ignorance of mind-boggling proportion then? Perhaps it’s simply too disturbing, even frightening, to look; so everyone turns his head the other way. Life goes on.

Another factor is blind faith — that traditional seed of human inequities and pointless miseries. A common “reason” for accepting the incredible official 911 story is: “I can’t believe the Government could intentionally murder a few thousand of their own people”. But that’s an expression of faith, not reason — not even a stupid one — to ignore evidence. Furthermore, the short history book of America tells us it wouldn’t have been the first time the government manufactures casus belli. In the face of faith, unfortunately, science and history have once again become inconvenient, even heretic.

Having spent my entire career in engineering, I feel qualified to regard the official explanation of the World Trade Centre (WTC) collapses on September 11 a work of metaphysics, a flagrant insult to science and knowledge. Thousands of my professional colleagues in America, mostly with more impressive credentials, think likewise. They have been bravely pursuing the truth, putting careers and personal safety at risk, for many years now. I generally share their strategic approach: The structural issue is clearcut and overwhelming. It alone is sufficient to warrant a proper investigation. Building professionals therefore prefer to focus on just that, and avoid distracting (and inevitably speculating) debates about “who the perpetrators were”.

But September 11, the New Pearl Harbor, a five-hour documentary, surprises even a reasonably informed “Conspiracy Theorist” like myself. It takes me beyond my professional boundaries for an eye-opening tour. Massimo Mazzucco packs a prodigious amount of irrefutable information into three DVDs without sacrificing clarity, objectivity, or, for want of a better description, “entertainment value”.

The film contains many concise queries. I find the testimonies from aeronautical experts and senior pilots (commercial and military) most interesting. All aircrafts have a maximum design speed, above which they become nearly uncontrollable even in the hands of a skilful and experienced pilot. Structural damage to the airplane would also be expected. How could “terrorists” who had never flown a commercial jet manually manoeuvre sizeable planes into astounding flight paths (before hitting the Pentagon at low approaching altitude), at nearly 200 MPH above designed maximum speed (at ground level) without shattering it in flight? Absolutely impossible according to the pilots. So was it a plane that hit? Let’s analyse, not guess. Now I understand why pilots, similar to building professionals, are tenacious "conspiracy theorists" with their own 911-Truth Movement.

Naturally, September 11, the New Pearl Harbor has a position. What thinking person wouldn’t, especially after having collated an enormous amount of information, all pointing to one unthinkable possibility? But Mazzucco is careful to include substantial footages of well-known Debunkers committed to defending the official story. Every query raised in the film is clearly explained and illustrated in terms easily understandable to a layperson. The Debunkers’ rejection of the query is then included, and the audience left to make his own judgement based on both sides of the argument.

Mazzucco’s documentary can be purchased from Amazon, or watched free on Youtube:

Propaganda is one of the most destructive weapons of the powers which have hijacked the US Democracy. If enough people, especially Americans, demand truth over official fiction by researching facts, asking questions, and demanding answers which respect the fundamental laws of nature, the propaganda machine would falter. That would be effective disarmament which we can all help to achieve.

Ignoring the mountain of evidence surrounding 911 is tantamount to approving perpetual wars, precipitating worse atrocities. If they know they can get away with anything, anything may happen next. The name we’ve given ourselves — Homo sapiens, thinking monkeys — would be a bitter irony which may not last long.

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