man's last song  

小说 "笙 歌"

In 2090, the global population is less than half a million; median age is about sixty. After forty years of universal sterility, humanity is vanishing while the rest of the planet makes a happy comeback. A small group of survivors in Hong Kong face the challenge of adjusting to life as post-modern savages, rediscovering instincts that had long been suppressed by civilisation. 


Their relationships with nature, each other, and themselves have fundamentally changed. The dilemmas, pains and pleasures of love, friendship, compassion, ageing, and loneliness are heightened by pragmatic concerns.


The unknowable: God, Dao, death, even reality, have all assumed new and shifting dimensions in man’s dying world. 

“笙歌” 的故事發⽣在未來,但絕不科幻。在2090年,⼈類經過四⼗年的不育,只剩下五⼗ 萬左右殘餘份⼦,他們的平均年齡⼤概六⼗歲吧;反正已經無⼈考究。在⾹港,幾個來⾃不 同背景的 “⽂明過後原始⼈” ,⽣活在⼤都會的遺骸,⾝⼼都要作出調整來應付⼀個新的“洪 荒世界”。


⾧期被⽂明抑制了的本能都要重新啓動,來應付⾃然環境的挑戰。⼈與⼈的關係,甚⾄與⾃ ⼰的關係,均隨著客觀環境⽽改變。愛情,友情,親情,在現實的⽀配下變得更深刻真摯, 也更無奈。⽣⽼病死的⾃然規律,在⽂明凋謝之後,更呈冷酷,毫不妥協。有些落了單的 ⼈,抓不住淒涼孤寂的現實,被推進⼼底的迷幻世界,另覓恍惚。莫測的神靈,全能的上 帝,不可道的常道,在這情況之下,能否發揮作⽤呢?


⼈最頑強的⼒量,在絕望的環境⾥居然毫不畏縮。那股⼒量就是 “希望”。


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Chapter One 


1.1   fog

1.2   guji

1.3   path

1.4   victoria

1.5   sweep

1.6   a samaritan dilemma

1.7   goodbye house

Chapter Two 

2.1   smile

2.2   bread delivery

2.3   isa's ashes

2.4   ultrasound ghosts

2.5   baby tom

2.6   life and death

2.7   fertility crisis

2.8   birth

2.9   lullaby

Chapter Three 

3.1   qigong rhapsody

3.2   awaiting death

3.3   the daoist

3.4   oxford tai chi

3.5   ultimate particle

3.6   confession

3.7   generation z


Chapter Four 

4.1   tears in shek o

4.2   runaway

4.3   encounter

4.4   Melody's encounter  . . .

Chapter Five 

5.1   battlefields

5.2   extinction

5.3   hole digging economy

5.4   about god

5.5   queen’s pier

Chapter Six 

6.1   slippery stiffs

6.2   letter to son

6.3   crossing neverland

6.4   dogs

6.5   first stop

6.6   reminiscences

6.7   one night stand

6.8   song

6.9   plague

Chapter Seven 

7.1   birthday party

7.2   trespassers

7.3   what's love?

7.4   annunciation

7.5   tiger

7.6   lonely awakening

7.7   o sole mio

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It's Hong Kong -- but not as we know it. The year is 2090 and Song Sung, 42, is the youngest person alive. James Tam's debut novel, Man's Last Song, is a complex-yet-compelling exploration into the balance of mankind -- for individuals, as well as for humanity as a whole. This superbly written dystopian novel is appealing on many levels: for its dramatic use of Hong Kong, for the intriguing characters, for the questions raised and, more importantly, for those which are left unanswered. A highly recommended read.

Laura Besley, TimeOut Hong Kong 

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